Anthony SNOW / Abigail WARREN

Husband: Anthony SNOW

Born: [2075] at:
Married: 8 Nov 1639[14127] at: Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Died: at:
Spouses: Abigail WARREN

Wife: Abigail WARREN

Born: ABT 1619[665] at: , , , England
Died: 3 Jan 1692at: Marshfield, , Massachusetts
Father: Richard WARREN
Mother: Elizabeth WALKER
Spouses: Anthony SNOW


Name: Alice SNOW [4737] [4738]
Born: 1657[4736] at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Robert BARKER

Name: Sarah SNOW
Born: 1651at:
Married: ABT 1674at: Marshfield, , Massachusetts
Died: 1741at:
Spouses: Joseph WATERMAN

Name: Josiah SNOW
Born: [7828] at:
Married: ABT 1670[15493] [15494] at: Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Died: 1692[7829] at:
Spouses: Rebecca BARKER


[14127] [S22]

[2075] [S24]

[665] [S24]

[4737] [S8]

[4738] [S22]

[4736] [S8]

[7828] [S24]

[7829] [S8]


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Charles GREENE / (Unknown)

Husband: Charles GREENE

Born: 28 Jul 1753at:
Married: at:
Died: 15 Sep 1816at:
Father: Rufus GREENE
Mother: Martha RUSSELL
Notes: [5757]
Sources: [5758] [5759]




File from personal family history of Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana. Not all material has been checked for accuracy. Sources, when used, have been identified.

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Abraham TEMPLE / Abigail

Husband: Abraham TEMPLE

Born: ABT 1600[10770] at: ,England
Married: at:
Died: AFT 1639[10771] at:
Spouses: Abigail , Margaret
Notes: [10772]
Sources: [10773]

Wife: Abigail

Born: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Abraham TEMPLE
Sources: [10694] [10695]


Name: Richard TEMPLE [10777] [10778]
Born: 1623 or Bef[10775] at: ,England
Married: ABT 1645[15831] at:
Died: 15 Mar 1689[10776] at: Concord,Middlesex Co.,Ma
Spouses: Joanna

Name: Tobias TEMPLE ? [10692] [10693]
Born: ABT 1627[10690] at:
Died: DEADat:

Name: Robert TEMPLE ? [10688] [10689]
Born: ABT 1639[10685] at:
Died: 1675[10687] at: Saco,York Co.,Me


[10772] BIOGRAPHY: From "Some Temple Pedigrees...":
He was in Salem, MA, in 1636. On 21 Nov 1638, five acres were granted to him "to make him a ten acre lot." In a town meeting on 21 Jun 1637 he proposed the name of another man to be received as an inhabitant.
On 25 Jun 1639, suit was brought against him for defaming the character of William Browne, and the plaintiff received 40 shillings damages and six shillings costs.
On 25 Jul 1638 he brought suit against Humphreys, Howes and Hanks for trespass done by their horses.
He may have married twice, his first wife being possibly Abigail, and his second possibly Margaret. A Widow Margaret Temple married John Gifford at Lynn, MA, about 1651.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10777] RESIDENCE: He moved to Charlestown, MA before 1647, and to Concord, MA, in 1654, where he lived on Spencer Brook.

OCCUPATION: He had a sawmill in Concord.

BIOGRAPHY: "In Salem he was assigned lands July 30, 1644. At Charlestown his farm reached to salt water and extended to near Bunker Hill. Was made a freeman by the General Court at Boston, May 15, 1672. In the year 1699 Richard, having become enfeebled in health, proceeded to divide up his property among his children by deed of gift. These documents, on record in the office of the Register of Deeds, East Cambridge, Mass., afford matter of
great interest to his descendants. December 2, 1668 (ED: probably 1688), he made a gift of eighty acres, including the dwelling house in which she lived, to his daughter, Abigail Temple Brabrook, ?in consideration of her dutifulness and, in particular, her carefulness of him in the time of his great weakness in a special manner.? January 6, 1689, he gave about sixty acres to his daughter, Sarah Temple Estabrook, ?in consideration of her dutifulness and in particular of her lameness and impotency.? December 22, 1688, Richard entered into an agreement with his son Isaac, ?honorably to maintain him (Richard) and his wife during their life, pay their funeral expenses and their debts.? Isaac was also obligated to pay his invalid sister twenty pounds. In consideration of their undertaking on the part of Isaac, Richard deeded to Isaac ?his (Richard?s) new mansion or dwelling place? in Concord, consisting of one hundred acres, containing ?dwelling house, barn, outhousing, gardens, yards and fencing bounded south by the highway and west by Spencer?s brook.? The gift included ?the fruit of all the apple trees of that piece of land which Richard gave to his son Abraham in the old orchard.? The conveyance included also ?his (Isaac?s) eighth part in the saw mill near to his (Richard?s) house and all his movable estate.? Richard?s best love was reserved for his son Abraham. The deed of gift from Richard to Abraham bears date of December 22, 1688. ?Divers Considerations moving me, and more particularly my Son Abraham, he being my eldest Son, as also making me a promise to bestow more of his estate upon his two eldest Sons, Richard and Abraham than upon any of the rest of his children * * in regard his (Abraham?s) Son, Abraham, doth bear up the name of my father and his Son, Richard bearing up my name.? The conveyance to Abraham includes one hundred and twenty acres lying on the north side of the North river and ?twelve acres more in my old field.? The Edmonds meadow, and two other pieces of four and five acres each are also given to Abraham.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10692] BIRTH: From "Some Temple Pedigrees...":
"If he is a son of Abraham, doubtless by Margaret. There is no further trace of Tibias."

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10688] BIOGRAPHY: From "Some Temple Pedigrees...":
?In 1660 Robert Temple is fined at Salem, Mass., for wearing silver lace when he was
thought not to have property sufficient to sustain such expense. He bought and sold real
estate in Salem in 1660. Probably he went to Saco (ED: York Co.), Me., soon afterward.?

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

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