Jonas CLARK / Elizabeth CLARK

Husband: Jonas CLARK

Born: 1619at:
Married: 30 Jul 1650at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 11 Jan 1699at:
Spouses: Sarah , Elizabeth CLARK , Elizabeth COOK
Sources: [666]

Wife: Elizabeth CLARK

Born: 1632at:
Died: 25 Mar 1673at:
Spouses: Jonas CLARK


Name: Elizabeth CLARK
Born: 1651at: Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Married: 23 Jul 1672at:
Died: at:
Spouses: John WOODMANCY

Name: Thomas CLARK Rev.
Born: 2 Mar 1653at: Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Married: 1679at: Chelmsford, , Massachusetts
Died: 17 Dec 1704at:
Spouses: Mary BULKELY

Name: John CLARK
Born: 30 May 1655at: Cambridge, Middlesex, England
Died: at:

Name: Timothy CLARK
Born: 1657at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 11 Sep 1679at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 13 Jun 1737[667] at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouses: Sarah RICHARDSON

Name: Samuel CLARK
Born: at:
Died: at:

Name: Abigail CLARK
Born: 4 May 1662at: Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: at:

Name: Mary CLARK
Born: 12 Mar 1665at: Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Married: 1686at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 20 Apr 1697at:
Spouses: John BONNER


[666] [S24]

[667] [S19]


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Zechariah LAWRENCE / Susanna

Husband: Zechariah LAWRENCE

Born: 9 Mar 1658[5577] at: Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Married: 1682at: Watertown, Middlesex, Ma
Died: at:
Father: John LAWRENCE
Mother: Elizabeth
Spouses: Susanna
Notes: [5578]

Wife: Susanna

Born: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Zechariah LAWRENCE



[5578] Named in his father's 1667 will, no further records of him have been found

[5577] [S21]


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Richard TEMPLE / Joanna

Husband: Richard TEMPLE

Born: 1623 or Bef[10775] at: ,England
Married: ABT 1645[15831] at:
Died: 15 Mar 1689[10776] at: Concord,Middlesex Co.,Ma
Father: Abraham TEMPLE
Mother: Abigail
Spouses: Joanna
Notes: [10777]
Sources: [10778]

Wife: Joanna

Born: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Richard TEMPLE
Notes: [10696]
Sources: [10697]


Name: Abigail TEMPLE [10720] [10721]
Born: 15 May 1647[10719] at: Charlestown,Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 3 Mar 1668[14381] [14383] at: Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: at:
Spouses: Thomas BRABROOK

Name: John TEMPLE ? [10717] [10718]
Born: ABT 1649[10715] at:
Died: DEADat:

Name: Abraham TEMPLE [10783] [10784]
Born: 4 Jun 1652[10780] at: Charlestown,Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 4 Dec 1673[14869] at:
Died: 4 Jan 1738[10781] at:
Spouses: Deborah HADLOCKE

Name: Richard TEMPLE [10712] [10713]
Born: 15 Oct 1654[10710] at: Charlestown,Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 16 Feb 1698[10711] at:

Name: Isaac TEMPLE [10707] [10708]
Born: 19 Jun 1657[10706] at:
Died: DEADat:

Name: Christopher TEMPLE [10703] [10704]
Born: ABT 1660[10700] at:
Died: 28 Sep 1691[10702] at: Nashua,Hillsborough Co.,Nh

Name: Sarah TEMPLE [10698] [10699]
Born: 8 Mar 1662at:
Died: DEADat:


[10777] RESIDENCE: He moved to Charlestown, MA before 1647, and to Concord, MA, in 1654, where he lived on Spencer Brook.

OCCUPATION: He had a sawmill in Concord.

BIOGRAPHY: "In Salem he was assigned lands July 30, 1644. At Charlestown his farm reached to salt water and extended to near Bunker Hill. Was made a freeman by the General Court at Boston, May 15, 1672. In the year 1699 Richard, having become enfeebled in health, proceeded to divide up his property among his children by deed of gift. These documents, on record in the office of the Register of Deeds, East Cambridge, Mass., afford matter of
great interest to his descendants. December 2, 1668 (ED: probably 1688), he made a gift of eighty acres, including the dwelling house in which she lived, to his daughter, Abigail Temple Brabrook, ?in consideration of her dutifulness and, in particular, her carefulness of him in the time of his great weakness in a special manner.? January 6, 1689, he gave about sixty acres to his daughter, Sarah Temple Estabrook, ?in consideration of her dutifulness and in particular of her lameness and impotency.? December 22, 1688, Richard entered into an agreement with his son Isaac, ?honorably to maintain him (Richard) and his wife during their life, pay their funeral expenses and their debts.? Isaac was also obligated to pay his invalid sister twenty pounds. In consideration of their undertaking on the part of Isaac, Richard deeded to Isaac ?his (Richard?s) new mansion or dwelling place? in Concord, consisting of one hundred acres, containing ?dwelling house, barn, outhousing, gardens, yards and fencing bounded south by the highway and west by Spencer?s brook.? The gift included ?the fruit of all the apple trees of that piece of land which Richard gave to his son Abraham in the old orchard.? The conveyance included also ?his (Isaac?s) eighth part in the saw mill near to his (Richard?s) house and all his movable estate.? Richard?s best love was reserved for his son Abraham. The deed of gift from Richard to Abraham bears date of December 22, 1688. ?Divers Considerations moving me, and more particularly my Son Abraham, he being my eldest Son, as also making me a promise to bestow more of his estate upon his two eldest Sons, Richard and Abraham than upon any of the rest of his children * * in regard his (Abraham?s) Son, Abraham, doth bear up the name of my father and his Son, Richard bearing up my name.? The conveyance to Abraham includes one hundred and twenty acres lying on the north side of the North river and ?twelve acres more in my old field.? The Edmonds meadow, and two other pieces of four and five acres each are also given to Abraham.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10720] RESIDENCE: After her marriage, her family lived in Concord, MA.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10717] BIOGRAPHY: There was a John Temple of First Church, Boston, MA, who was mad a freeman on 31 May 1671. That John also signed a petition to the General Court relative to the war of 1675.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10783] RESIDENCE: He and his family lived in Concord, Middlesex, MA.

BURIAL: He is buried in the old "Hill burying ground". His gravestone was standing and readable in August 1897.

BIOGRAPHY: "He is mentioned in a warrant of pressment as an able bodied soldier, March 10, 1675. He served as a soldier in King Phillip's war. He was one of a thousand men who mustered on Dedham plain, Dec 9, 1675, and marched for Narragansett Fort, the stronghold of King Phillip, situated on an insland in a swamp in what is now South Kingston, R.I. Abraham was wounded in the attack upon this fort. June 24, 1675, he received two pounds and two shillings for earlierservices in the same war. In 1735 he, among others, received a grant of land (known as a Narragansett grant) as a recognition of services rendered the Commonwealth in King Phillip's war."
From "Some Temple Pedigrees..."

BIOGRAPHY: January 3, 1689, Abraham, Richard, and Isaac are mentioned in the town records as "freeholders but non-freemen", not being members of the Church. They were however made freemen by the General Court in Boston, March 21, 1690.

BIOGRAPHY: He bought and sold a lot of land per records at East Cambridge, MA.

DEATH: His estate was not administered until the following inventory dated 30 Dec 1756, 18 years after his death.
"Money due to the estate, a dark mare, a saddle and bridle, one fat ox, one yoke of oxen, six steers and four cows, two heifers and three fat swine, four small swine and three house ladders, five old axes, two plows, two broad hoes, fodder in both barns, eighty seven bushels of Indian corn and rye, fifteen bushels of oats and one bushell of beans, a cart and wheels, anox yoke and irons, one chain, a rie line, three lengths and tacklings, three oldsaws, fourteen harrow teeth, a file, square and frad, old iron, a half bushel, adz, hammer and two sickles, fine lock, plain iron beetle, rings and wedges, six barrels of cider and old casks, salted beef, fresh beef and cow hide, a dragand iron pins, a grindstone and iron crow, a tunnel, two black sheep skins, cloth for a coat and jacket cut out, a black jacket, an old great coat and hat; an old blue coat, a pair of leather "bricks" (breeches) and two shirts, a pair of shoes, an ox yoke for one ox, one pair stockings and one book, a cloth colored coat and jacket, one hay fork and a shovel, about threeacres of upland and meadow."

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10712] RESIDENCE: As an adult, he lived in Concord, MA.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10707] RESIDENCE: As an adult, he lived in Concord, MA.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

[10703] BIRTH: The author of "Some Temple Pedigrees..." includes Christopher in this family because "Fox (Hist. of Dunstable) thinks Christopher came from Concord", MA, and Richard Temple was one of the few men named Temple in that area.

BIOGRAPHY: He was one of the original proprietors of Dunstable, MA.

DEATH: From "Some Temple Pedigrees...":
There is a rock in the channel of the Nashua river, now covered by flowage of water,
about thirty rods above the upper mill on the Nashua Manufacturing Company, called
?Temple?s rock,? supposed to be near the place of his murder. Tradition says that he, with
others who were killed at the same time, were buried on this spot.?

RESIDENCE: As an adult he lived on the Hollis road, on the Nashua side of Mine Falls. In 2002, there is still a Hollis Street, Hwy 111, running alont the south side of the Nashua River in Nashua, NH.

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

SOURCE: ppierce3 gedcom by Peter C. Pierce, Arlington, TX

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