Daniel HOVEY / Abigale ANDREWS

Husband: Daniel HOVEY

Born: 9 Aug 1618at: Waltham Abbey, Essex, , England
Married: 1641at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 24 Apr 1692at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Abigale ANDREWS

Wife: Abigale ANDREWS

Born: ABT 1622[1093] at: , , , England
Died: 24 Jun 1665at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: Robert ANDREWS
Mother: Elizabeth
Spouses: Daniel HOVEY


Name: Daniel HOVEY
Born: 1642at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: at:
Died: 29 May 1695at:
Spouses: Rebecca DANE , Esther TREADWELL

Name: John HOVEY
Born: 1644at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 13 Aug 1665at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 29 May 1718at: Topsfield, , Massachusetts
Spouses: Dorcas IVORY , Mercy BOYNTON

Name: Thomas HOVEY
Born: 1648at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 16 Nov 1677at: ?
Died: 4 Mar 1739at: Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Spouses: Sarah COOK

Name: James HOVEY
Born: 1650at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 1670at:
Died: 2 Aug 1675at: Brookfield, Worcester, Massachusetts
Spouses: Priscilla WARNER

Name: Joseph HOVEY
Born: 1653at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 31 May 1677at:
Died: May 1690at:
Spouses: Hannah PRATT

Name: Abigail HOVEY
Born: ABT 1655at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: BEF 1692at:
Died: at:
Spouses: John AYERS

Name: Nathaniel HOVEY [1094]
Born: 20 Mar 1657at: Hampton, , Connecticut
Married: Nov 1679at: , Hampton, Windham, Connecticut
Died: 24 Mar 1692at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Sarah FULLER , Mary FELLOWS

Name: Priscilla HOVEY
Born: ABT 1659at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: at:


[1094] Doubt that Connecticut is place of birth.
Also strange that Torrey shows both wife 1+2 married a second time. Was m1
ended in divorce?

[1093] [S21]


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Robert WIGHT / Elizabeth FULSHAW

Husband: Robert WIGHT

Born: 1578at: , , , England
Married: 21 Jul 1603at: Alford, Lincs, England
Died: 8 Jan 1617at: , , , England
Spouses: Elizabeth FULSHAW

Wife: Elizabeth FULSHAW

Born: 1583at: , , , England
Died: at:
Spouses: Robert WIGHT
Notes: [1916]


Name: Thomas WIGHT [1913]
Born: 6 Dec 1607at: Hareby, Lincolnshire, , England
Married: ABT 1630at: Isle of Wight, , , England
Died: 17 Mar 1674at: Medfield, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouses: Alice ROUNDY , Lydia ELIOT

Name: John WIGHT
Born: 1 Jan 1608at: Hareby, Lincolnshire, , England
Married: 1647at: Southampton, L.I.
Died: 1662at: , Suffolk, New York
Spouses: Ann COOPER


[1916] or born\christened 1620

[1913] to Dedham in 1637


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Jonathan ROOT / Ann HULL

Husband: Jonathan ROOT

Born: ABT 1648at: Hartford, Hartford, Connecticut
Married: 22 Mar 1679at:
Died: 25 Dec 1741at:
Father: Thomas ROOT
Spouses: Ann HULL

Wife: Ann HULL

Born: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Jonathan ROOT
Notes: [2798]



[2798] AKA Ann Gull


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