Samuel BALCH / Martha NEWMARCH

Husband: Samuel BALCH

Born: May 1651at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 27 Oct 1675at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 14 Oct 1723at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: Benjamin BALCH
Mother: Sarah GARDNER
Spouses: Martha NEWMARCH , Martha BUTMAN

Wife: Martha NEWMARCH

Born: 1653at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 7 Jul 1720at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Father: John NEWMARCH
Mother: Martha GOULD
Spouses: Samuel BALCH
Notes: [1092]


Name: Martha BALCH
Born: 13 Sep 1676at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 1698at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 16 Aug 1761at: Boxford, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Thomas HOVEY

Name: Samuel BALCH
Born: 16 May 1678at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 23 Sep 1702at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 1754at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Eleanor CLEVES , Mary BAKER

Name: Joseph BALCH
Born: 26 Apr 1680at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 23 Oct 1712at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 9 Dec 1732at: Carribean Sea, Near Antigua Isl
Spouses: Mary OSGOOD

Name: Benjamin BALCH
Born: 29 Mar 1682at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 28 Jun 1705at: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 8 Jan 1750at:
Spouses: Mercy LEACH

Name: John BALCH
Born: 29 Mar 1682at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 24 Dec 1708[14217] at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: Dec 1756at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Mary TUCK , Eunice

Name: Phebe BALCH
Born: 1 Apr 1684at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 1 Mar 1702at: Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: at:
Spouses: Samuel CHAPMAN

Name: Peter BALCH
Born: 6 May 1685at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: at: Medfield, , Massachusetts
Died: 27 Dec 1755at: Framingham, , Massachusetts
Spouses: Elizabeth DWIGHT

Name: Cornelius BALCH
Born: 1 May 1687at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Married: 29 Nov 1711at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 1730at:
Spouses: Mary SHAW

Name: Abigail BALCH
Born: 24 May 1689at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 26 Sep 1711at:

Name: Thomas BALCH
Born: 1 Apr 1692at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 15 Aug 1699at: Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts


[1092] Twin of Zaccheus N.


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Matthias PLANT Rev. / Lydia BARTLETT

Husband: Matthias PLANT Rev.

Born: ABT 1691at: , , , England
Married: 27 Dec 1722at:
Died: 2 Apr 1753at:
Spouses: Lydia BARTLETT

Wife: Lydia BARTLETT

Born: 5 Nov 1687at: Newbury, Essex, Massachusetts
Died: 8 Oct 1753at: , , Massachusetts
Father: Samuel BARTLETT
Mother: Elizabeth TITCOMB
Spouses: Matthias PLANT Rev.




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Husband: Robert BURNAP

Born: 1595at: Hoddesdon, Hertford, , England
Married: ABT 1625at: Stanstead, Herts, , England
Died: 27 Sep 1689at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Ann MILLER

Wife: Ann MILLER

Born: 3 May 1600at: Stortford, Herts, , England
Died: 27 Apr 1681at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Robert BURNAP


Name: Ann BURNAP
Born: 30 Apr 1626at: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, , England
Died: at:

Name: Robert BURNAP
Born: 28 Nov 1627at: Hoddesdon, Herts., , England
Married: 28 May 1662at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: 18 Oct 1695at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Spouses: Sarah BROWN , Ann

Name: Isaac BURNAP
Born: at:
Married: 8 Nov 1658at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: 18 Sep 1667at: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, , England
Spouses: Hannah ANTRIM

Name: Anne BURNAP [1915]
Born: 1631at:
Married: 11 Apr 1655at: Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 16 Mar 1695at: Dorchester, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Spouses: Isaac BULLARD , John WIGHT , David JONES

Name: Daughter BURNAP
Born: 18 Oct 1634at: Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, , England
Died: 18 Oct 1634at:

Name: Edward BURNAP
Born: at:
Died: at:

Name: Thomas BURNAP
Born: 1624at: , , , England
Married: at:
Died: AFT 1688at:
Spouses: Mary

Name: Richard BURNAP
Born: 1627at: , , , England
Died: at:

Name: Infant BURNAP
Born: ABT 1642at: Roxbury, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Died: 18 Nov 1642at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Name: Sarah BURNAPPE
Born: 1646at: Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Married: 3 Feb 1668at:
Died: at:
Spouses: John SOUTHWICK , Thomas COOPER , Cornelius BROWN


[1915] Probably not the dt of Thomas Wight and Alice Roundy


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Husband: Thomas TITCOMB

Born: at:
Married: at:
Died: at:
Father: William TITCOMB
Mother: Elizabeth BIDFIELD
Spouses: LIVING
Notes: [2261]


Born: at:
Died: at:
Spouses: Thomas TITCOMB



[2261] Took the Oath of Allegiance at Newbury in 1678


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Robert DANIEL / Elizabeth MORSE

Husband: Robert DANIEL

Born: ABT 1590at: , , , England
Married: 1629at: England
Died: 6 Jul 1655at: Watertown, , Massachusetts
Spouses: Elizabeth MORSE
Notes: [2726]

Wife: Elizabeth MORSE

Born: 6 Mar 1605at: Redgrove, Suffolk, , England
Died: 2 Oct 1643at: , , Massachusetts
Father: Samuel MORSE
Mother: Elizabeth JASPER
Spouses: Robert DANIEL


Name: Elizabeth DANIELS
Born: 1630at: Watertown, , Massachusetts
Died: 27 Jan 1722at: Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts

Name: Samuel DANIELS [2727]
Born: 1633at:
Married: 10 May 1671at:
Died: 1695at:
Spouses: Mary GRANT

Name: Joseph DANIELS [2728]
Born: 1634at: Medfield, Suffolk, Massachusetts
Married: 16 Nov 1665at: , , Massachusetts
Died: 23 Jun 1715at: Medway, Norfolk, Massachusetts
Spouses: Mary FAIRBANKS , Rachel SHEFFIELD , Lydia ADAMS

Name: Sarah DANIELS
Born: 1640at: Medfield, , Massachusetts
Married: ABT 1660at:
Died: at:
Spouses: William CHENEY

Name: Mary DANIEL
Born: 2 Sep 1642at:
Married: 23 Dec 1988at: , Medfield, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Died: at: Deerfield, , Massachusetts
Spouses: Samson FRARIE

Name: Thomas DANIELS [2729]
Born: ABT 1644at:
Died: 6 Sep 1644at:


[2726] Torrey's NEM

[2727] Settled at Medfield

[2728] 2 SOUR S0001893
4 TEXT Date of Import: Nov 18, 2001


REFN: 12823


!deCou, Frances Branson, Descendants and Ancestors of George deCou andMargaret
Haskell Daniels DeCou, pub. 1 Sept. 1970, West Hartford, CT p.C-10. Hewas
landed proprietor of Medfield. History of Medway, Mass (1713-1885), p.468.
Death Date and Place: Fairbanks, Lorenzo Sayles, GENEALOGY OF THEFAIRBANKS
AMERICA 1633-1897. Boston: Printed for the Author by the AmericanPringing and
Engraving Company, 1897. p. 37.
!Birth: !THE HISTORY OF MEDWAY MASS 1713-1885, edited by Rev. E. O.Jameson,
published by the Town. FHLC #974.47/m1 H2j, p. 469.
!Marriage: MEDFIELD, MASS. VITAL RECORDS, pub. Boston 1903, CarlsbadLibrary
Fische # PS 115., p. 133. Spelled Joseph Daniell and Marie Fayrbanke.

[2729] note birth used to say of Watertown. Birth and death in same year.


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Barney VALLEAU / Eunice GEORGE

Husband: Barney VALLEAU

Born: 11 Jun 1816at: Fishkill, Dutchess, New York
Married: at:
Died: 28 Oct 1874at: Valley City, , Michigan
Father: Theodore VALLEAU
Mother: Liddi LOVELESS
Spouses: Eunice GEORGE

Wife: Eunice GEORGE

Born: 7 Feb 1826at: Erie, New York
Died: 5 Sep 1905at: , Grand Traverse, Michigan
Spouses: Barney VALLEAU , George VALLEAU


Name: Bedford VALLEAU
Born: 1 Jul 1843at: Wheatland, Monroe, New York
Died: 9 Jul 1911at: Helena Twp, Antrim, Michigan

Name: Elizabeth VALLEAU
Born: 1846at: , Lake, Ohio
Died: at:

Name: John B VALLEAU
Born: 1848at: , Lake, Ohio
Died: at:



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Husband: John WINGATE

Born: ABT 1639at:
Married: ABT 1668[14825] at: Dover, , New Hampshire
Died: 9 Dec 1687at: Dover, , New Hampshire
Spouses: Mary NUTTER , Sarah TAYLOR
Notes: [3890]

Wife: Mary NUTTER

Born: at:
Died: BEF 25 Jun 1678at: , , New Hampshire
Father: Hatevil NUTTER
Mother: Anne AYERS
Spouses: John WINGATE
Notes: [3637]



[3890] TAG 3Q 1997

[3637] TAG 3Q 1997

[14825] [S8]


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Thomas FIELD / Abigail CHAFFEE

Husband: Thomas FIELD

Born: 3 Jan 1670[5195] [5196] at: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Married: 28 Apr 1737[15128] [15129] [15130] at: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Died: 17 Jul 1752[5197] [5198] at: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Father: Thomas FIELD
Mother: Martha HARRIS
Spouses: Abigail CHAFFEE , Abigail DEXTER
Notes: [5199]

Wife: Abigail CHAFFEE

Born: at:
Died: AFT 1752[5218] [5219] [5220] at: Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
Spouses: Thomas FIELD



[5199] Per Austin: "1725, Jun. 7. He deeded, 'for fatherly love and affection, which I have for my eldest son, Thomas Field, Jr.,' &c., lot of land where he liveth, in the lands of Pawtuxet, on west side of Pauchasset River, 140 acres and buildings, without limitation.
"1730-42. Town Council.
"1732, Apr. 5. He deeded son Anthony, for love and good will, certain lands, viz: 5 acres that was my honoured father, Thomas Field's, deceased, also lots of 80 acres and 62 acres, &c.
"1737, Apr. 26. He made an agreement with Abigail Chaffee, two days before his marriage concerning property.
"1742. Deputy.
"1744, Jan. 18. Will--proved 1752, Dec. 16. Ex. son Jeremiah. To wife Abigail, 40 pds sterling, and all agreements with her to be carried out, she having all estate she brought with her. To son Thomas, 15 pds sterling. To son Jeremiah, 250 acres at Pawtuxet and 150 acres west side Pauchesset River. To son Nathaniel, 4 pds sterling. To son Anthony, 170 acres in Glocester. To son Jeremiah, all movable estate. (Before the will was found, administration was given the widow Abigail, by mistake, but corrected two months later, at above date of will being proved.)" John Osborne Austin, GENEALOGICAL DICTIONARY OF RHODE ISLAND, pg. 76.

[15128] [S2]

[15129] [S4]

[15130] [S192]

[5195] [S2]

[5196] [S2]

[5197] [S2]

[5198] [S2]

[5218] [S2]

[5219] [S2]

[5220] [S4]


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